Thanks for Stopping….

If you found my site by accident then that’s ok but I really had planned to aim this website at family members who want to follow my progress as I spend some time in London working as a chef. My name is Ben Radley so when I found this domain name name I thought it would be absolutely perfect for documenting my travels so friends and family back home can follow me and see some of the amazing places I plan to visit and work in.

I grew up in Durban, South Africa and spent some time working as trainee chef in a variety of local restaurants and hotels so I believe I have enough experience to branch out into different parts of the world to enhance my cooking skills. I am going to being by spending some  time in London – this makes a lot of sense for anyone planning to do some traveling as it is quite easy to find work in the city and you also get the opportunity to save up some pounds which work well all over the world! I am not sure where the next destination will be but I guess I would like to spend time in Europe or perhaps check out somewhere like Dubai. Essentially, I want to go where there is an abundance of expensive and quality eateries giving me a much bigger chance of staying employed. I have a British Passport which allows me to stay as long as I want in the UK or most of Europe. I have a sister in South London so I plan to stay there for the first little while giving me some breathing room to find a job making delicious goodies like this!!

I have a few hobbies, I enjoy a really high quality wine (when I can afford it) and I also love to play golf when I have the time. I might have to get some indoor golfing kit so I can get some swing practice to keep my swing in check! I have been lucky in SA that golf is accessible to most but I also understand that it is expensive in the UK and I may not be able to play quite as much as I normally manage. I guess it will depend on the job I am able to get and how much it will cost overall to live. I know London is an expensive city for rentals but living outside the city is a problem when you work late into the evening. As I am on my own I guess the best plan will be to engage in some kind of flat share with other people cutting down costs.

I plan to leave during the last week of November (I know, right in the middle of winter!) as I am told this is a great time as many restaurants are gearing up for the festive season so there should be plenty of opportunities to find work. Right now, I am just getting everything organized including warm clothing as I am sure that will be one of the most important things to consider! Going from an SA summer to a winter in London will be a bit of a shock to the system!

I will continue to update with pictures and posts of my adventures, please follow along!