Some New Furniture and Good News

Although it has only been a few days since my initial post and not a whole lot has happened I did have a bit of luck. I actually won a brand new desk for gaming in a competition and I was blown away as I have never really won anything before, especially in competitions. I went off to the shops last week in search of a new laptop to take with me to London so I can Skype back home and update the blog – I also need access to email and other internet services. I eventually decided upon a new Acer net-book/tablet (the screen detaches) making it small and light weight which is perfect for my trip. See the pic below to get an idea of how it works.

Acer NetbookWhile I was in the shop I entered a competition (for those spending overt a certain amount) to win a brand new Soreno gaming desk. Imagine my surprise when they called me this morning to tell me I had won and get my details for delivery. Just a shame I won’t really get to enjoy it as I will be leaving soon – I guess my dad will appreciate it and make good use of it until I get back.

Other than that I have still been slowly getting myself organized for my trip – when you finally set a date you seem to notice that you are running out of time to get everything in place so I plan to sit in the morning and plan out a schedule so I can ensure that everything is done and I can go away without forgetting anything. It sounds simple but things like internet access to my bank account will be a problem from London as I will need to retain an SA number to receive codes (these are needed to make payments) so I need to visit the bank and see what options there are. This is a simple example but I have lots of things to take care of before I finally get out of here!

The good news is that I may have already found a job through a connection of my sister. It is a small and intimate place in London that are on the lookout for someone with my talents for 4 nights per week. Although I will provably need to work more this could be just the break I need when I arrive to get myself going. I have a Skype call setup with the owner for tomorrow afternoon so lets keep fingers firmly crossed!

I will update here soon and let you guys know how the call went.