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I am guilty as I have not made the effort to add much content on to the blog. The last year has been a real whirlwind running from place to place, but, overall it has been much better than previous years. I have actually maintained a salary for the whole year – yes- you heard that right – even my parent are shocked.

Slowly, I am building a reputation up for my cookery skills which has made a big difference. I think when people have heard your name they are more receptive – how that affects the actual food nobody knows! London is a big city but the word about good food tends to travel. This really makes all the difference in my career as it ensures people want to taste my cuisine and therefore owners are interested in hiring me – slowly my rate gets to increase.

My advice to youngsters just getting started is to keep at it until you start to gain some traction. There will be times when you are tempted to just give everything up but it is important to keep at it. If you work at your skills and keep going success will find you!

In my personal life I still manage to find some time to get out on the golf course, weather permitting of course, but my game has suffered of late as I just cannot seem to put a good swing together. I always knew that golf was more about consistency and practice than anything else but it is quite depressing when you see your skill levels diminish to the point you don’t have the willpower to go and play much. Nowadays golf has become something that keeps me out of work and gets me socializing with friends.

I really hope to make some worthwhile resolutions in the coming year and ones that I can actually stick to. I want to get slightly fitter, working in a kitchen can do terrible things to your waistline and perhaps find a new hobby to keep my brain stimulated.

In my next post I will add some pictures of my workplace and some new recipes that I am playing around with.

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